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NYSE | Wall Street | Then and Now | Gallery | @SprinkleBit Blog 1

The NYSE And Wall St. Then And Now [GALLERY]

With a market capitalization at US$14.242 trillion, the New York Stock Exchange is without a doubt the heavyweight stock exchange of the world. However, with

May 30, 2012 Finance
Friday Investor Link Roundup SprinkleBit Investing Blog 1

Friday Investor Link Roundup: May 25, 2012 Edition

This is the first in a series of weekly link roundups of links we found particularly interesting over the past week or so. Hopefully our

May 25, 2012 Investor Link Roundup
Scumbag Banker Meme | @SprinkleBit Investing Blog 2

BREAKING: Facebook Bankers Cut Earnings Forecast During Facebook IPO Roadshow

  UPDATE: Now we know that apparently “The analysts cut their estimates because a Facebook executive who knew the business was weak told them to.” See: Here’s

May 22, 2012 Finance
What is Crowdfunding? | SprinkleBit Investing Blog 0

Be Strategic And Constant—But Not Annoying

Crowdfunding gives you the chance to invest early, before angels and VCs. (Photo Credit: Venture Beat) As our readers have probably realized, we’re excited about

May 22, 2012 Crowdfunding, Start-ups
Investing 101 | Stock Market | Investing | @SprinkleBit 1

Investing 101: How The Stock Market and Investing Works

What is the stock market? What is a stock? How do I learn how to invest? These and more are all common questions asked by new

May 21, 2012 Investing 101
facebook-ipo 1

Why You Should Care About Crowdfunding: The Case of Facebook

The game is about to change for startups and entrepreneurs seeking seed funding to launch their idea. With the new Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBs)

May 17, 2012 Crowdfunding
GM Quits Facebook Advertising SprinkleBit Investing Blog 0

On The Eve Of The IPO, Facebook Advertisers Defect

A recent article from Business Insider discusses the flock of advertisers leaving Facebook, citing poor campaign performance. Biggest of them all is GM, with many

May 16, 2012 Finance
scumbag banker sprinklebit investing blog 0

Why SprinkleBit Started Our Own Brokerage: The Financial Services Industry Is Broken

The financial services industry has gone too long without accountability. Plenty can be written about the macro effects of the financial crisis —  out of

Investing 101 | Dow | Nasdaq | @SprinkleBit Blog 0

Investing 101: NASDAQ vs. Dow

Now that you’ve decided to get into trading, there is a basic difference you need to understand: the similarities and differences of the Dow and

May 14, 2012 Investing 101
Many people are going into facebook IPO with high hopes. Is this naivete or foresight? 0

A Question For Online Investors: Facebook IPO – Will You Buy?

Alexander Wallin is the founder and CEO of SprinkleBit. An experienced investor and licensed principle (series 7, 63, 24). You can follow him on Quora

May 10, 2012 Alex's Corner
A Warning About Penny Stocks | The SprinkleBit Investing Blog 2

Do The Pennies Add Up? A Warning About Penny Stocks.

The following is a guest post from Nathan Perez, a senior at CSU Bakersfield studying Economics and Finance. He is a maturing young investor and

May 09, 2012 Investing 101
Keep the investment goal in mind 1

Learning How To Invest: Find Your Objective

Before making an investment decision you first should consider your objective behind that investment. There are a 3 things you should consider as an investor

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