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Microsoft Surface Tablet Next Hot Trend? | @SprinkleBit Investing Blog 2

Surface: Microsoft’s Ticket Into Tablet Market?

On Tuesday June 18th, 2012 Microsoft unveiled its new tablet computer, Microsoft Surface. What does this mean to the tablet market as a whole and

June 30, 2012 Consumer Goods, Trending
The Robin Hood Tax: What You Need To Know | @SprinkleBit Investing Blog 0

The Robin Hood Tax: A Good Idea?

The tax would skim a small percentage off financial transactions on Wall Street. (Photo Credit: The Star) Protestors donning pointy green caps and masks took

June 28, 2012 Finance, Legislation & Policy
5 Tips For New Investors | @SprinkleBit Investing Blog 0

5 Tips For The New Investor

Investing one’s money can be a daunting task, especially for someone new to the game. For those who are new to investing it is vital

June 27, 2012 Investing 101
How To Use The News To Decide What To Invest In | @SprinkleBit Investing Blog 0

How To Use The News To Decide What To Invest In

(Photo Credit: Security Monks) Have you ever seen a major news story and wondered how you could profit from it? Well, if you time it

June 25, 2012 Employment, Housing, Investing 101
Friday Investor Link Roundup SprinkleBit Investing Blog 0

Friday Investor Link Roundup: June 22, 2012 Edition

A collection of links curated by our staff that we found either helpful, informative, or simply enjoyable to read. All related – albeit sometimes loosely

June 22, 2012 Investor Link Roundup
What is hedging? | SprinkleBit Investing Blog 1

How Airlines Use Derivatives to Hedge Against Price Volatility

Why Do Airlines Hedge Against Fuel Price Volatility? Gas and oil prices have been steadily falling for the past few weeks. While that ought to

European Debt Crisis and The US Economy | The @SprinkleBit Investing Blog 0

Europe And The US: Partners In The Debt Crisis

The world market seems to have been in a bit of a limbo last week as the European debt crisis has kept many people sitting

June 18, 2012 Finance
Stock Market 101 Indexes, Exchanges | SprinkleBit Investing Blog 0

Investing 101: Stock Market Indexes, Exchanges, and How to Use Them

If you try to keep current, but aren’t all that familiar with the stock market, then you must have heard of  ”the Dow” or the

June 15, 2012 Investing 101
Industry Primers | SprinkleBit | Investing 3

7 Industry Primers You Should Probably Read

There’s a great list of industry primers over at Wall Street Oasis worth taking a look at. Understanding the companies and sectors you want to

June 04, 2012 Investing
Friday Investor Link Roundup July 1 2012 SprinkleBit Investing Blog 0

Friday Investor Link Roundup: June 1, 2012 Edition

What Jack White Can Teach Us About Economics “You don’t think of rock stars as the bearers of economics lessons (despite the occasional London School of

June 01, 2012 Investor Link Roundup
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