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Investing 101: How To Analyze A Company Before Making An Investment

Back to the Basics When deciding on a company to invest in, especially when you are looking to hold on to the shares for the

August 29, 2012 Investing 101
Investing Tip | Pay Attention to Consumer Products | SprinkleBit 0

Investing Tip: Pay Attention To Consumer Products

The Market: No, It’s Not Rigged. The stock market is sometimes mistaken for a gambling house. You have odds, you have winners and losers, and

August 28, 2012 Investing, Investing 101
Financial Literacy: Why Is It Important and Where Do I Start? | SprinkleBit Investing Blog 3

Financial Literacy: Why Is It Important And Where Can I Start?

Don’t Fool Yourself: You’re Plenty Smart Enough. There are lots of people who look at financial reports, economics numbers, or sometimes even their own bank

August 23, 2012 Finance, Investing
Investing 101 | How to Analyze Stock Market Trends | SprinkleBit 1

Investing 101: How To Analyze Stock Market Trends

Making knowledgeable investment decisions requires time, knowledge and awareness of the market. These knowledgeable investment and business decisions are often made based on current events

August 21, 2012 Investing 101
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Is There A Connection Between Obama, Romney And The Stock Market?

We’re a few months away from 2012′s presidential election and that means more than heading down to your local polling place. Investors find it useful

August 15, 2012 Finance, Investing
Thoughts on the Manchester United IPO 0

Some Thoughts On The Manchester United IPO

Last Friday, Manchester United, the most valuable and largest football team in the world, launched its IPO debut on the New York Stock Exchange. It

August 13, 2012 Investing
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Knight Capital: What Happened? And Should You Hold?

Last week, Knight Capital Group caught my eye because the stock price surged 26.82% last Friday. Impressive performance, so I quickly bought some shares and

August 08, 2012 Investing
How Crowdfunding Works | Pros and Cons of Each Model | @SprinkleBit 1

How Crowdfunding Works: Pros And Cons Of Each Model

As the SEC deadline approaches, it seems everyone is talking about crowdfunding and the JOBS act. Here at SprinkleBit, we’re certainly excited about the possibilities

August 02, 2012 Crowdfunding
Stock Market | July 24th | @SprinkleBit Investing Blog 0

Cindy’s Portfolio: Rest And Wait For Your Time Of Action

The Stock Market Last Week Last week, the stock market witnessed a drop and then a surge followed by a decline caused by many factors.

August 01, 2012 Investing
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