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Freebies: SprinkleBit Free Wallpaper Download 0

Freebies: SprinkleBit Free Wallpaper Download

Hey SprinkleBit Nation! We know how much everyone loves to get free stuff. We also know how much it sucks to be told something is

November 29, 2012 Freebies, SprinkleBit
Credit Cards and Money 0

Are you Effectively Managing your Credit Score?

Repairing credit scores takes time, but by following these tips on how to manage and improve your credit score, you should get closer to your

November 29, 2012 Finance, Retirement
Lame Excuses that Will Kill your Retirement 0

4 Lame Excuses that will Kill your Retirement Savings

There is nothing that kills a retirement faster than having to work for a living during what are supposed to be your Golden Years. Sure,

SprinkleBit | San Diego Business Journal | Investing Social Network 2

SprinkleBit Featured In San Diego Business Journal

Hometown Love From San Diego Business Journal We are featured in today’s issue of the San Diego Business Journal under the ‘Innovation’ section which focuses

November 19, 2012 News, SprinkleBit
Crowd of people in mall 0

3 Common Sense Tips to Avoid Overspending on Black Friday

Disclosure: SprinkleBit does not hold any positions on PATK nor plans to hold any positions in the next 72 hours. Some of SprinkleBit’s employees are

November 19, 2012 News, Seasonality
Spotify Valued at $3 Billion | SprinkleBit Investing Blog 0

Deal Report: Spotify Valued at $3 Billion, Wins New Round of Funding

Spotify, which recently closed a round of funding today, has been valued at around $3 billion, according to a source reported by the Wall Street

November 15, 2012 Deals & IPOs, Technology
Listen then make up your own mind - Gay Talese | SprinkleBit Investing Zen 0

SprinkleBit Zen #1: Listen First

SprinkleBit Zen #1: Listen then Make up Your own Mind Whether you’re a new investor just beginning to increase your financial literacy, or whether you

November 13, 2012 SprinkleBit Zen
Aerial shot of copper mine 2

Investing 101: Commodity Resources and Stock Market Visualizers

Our Clueless Investor, Sarah, asked a series of great questions about the stockmarket and investing in her last blog, so I’m going to kick off the

Obama Re-elected and Marijuana Legalized | SprinkleBit Investing Blog 0

Week in Review: Obama Re-Elected and Marijuana Legalized

No matter which side of the fence you’re on, it’s been a historical week for everyone. President Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term

November 10, 2012 News, Politics, Retirement
By: JD Hancock - CC BY 2.0 0

5 Incredible Books Investors Need to Read

When you start getting interested in investing, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what to do first. You don’t really know what you

November 08, 2012 Investing 101
Hi, I'm Sarah. I'm a writer, and a Clueless Investor 2

The Clueless Investor Part 3: Call me Ahab, Sorry Ishmael

Alright kiddos—I mean can I even call you guys that anymore?  Your severe lack of participation may have demoted you to just “readers.” Up your

November 07, 2012 The Clueless Investor
Election 2012 | Go Vote! | SprinkleBit Investing Blog 0

Election 2012: Get out the Vote!

No matter who you are voting for at the polling stations today, Sprinkle Nation, go out and vote! Don’t let anyone (including yourself) tell you

November 06, 2012 News, Politics
Equity Crowdfunding 3

Equity Crowdfunding: Welcome the Game-Changer for Small Investors

If 2012 was the year of donation-based crowdfunding, 2013 looks to be the year of equity-based crowdfunding. In 2013 the JOBS act will go into effect, allowing

November 06, 2012 Crowdfunding, Funding, Investing, SprinkleBit
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