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How to open a brokerage account 0

How to Open a Brokerage Account

Before  going through how to open a brokerage account, you have to figure out your investment objective. As with anything else in life, you’ll be more

March 25, 2014 Investing 101
trading-desk 0

Day Trading 101: What Is it, and Should You Consider It?

Day trading is not for the faint of heart. Most beginner investors are better suited for longer-term positions, such as mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and

February 26, 2014 Investing, Investing 101
The fear of losing must be weighted against the hope of financial gain. 0

Caution in Trading: Be Paranoid, But Be Willing to Take Risks

The most fundamental principle of finance and investing is the relationship between risk and reward. An old gambler’s saying is that “scared money doesn’t make

Knowing When to Sell a Stock – The Example of Western Digital (WDC) 0

Knowing When to Sell a Stock

Having read my previous posts you’ve probably figured out that I’m a long-term value investor. However, sometimes you have to know when to sell even

February 05, 2014 Alex's Corner, Investing 101, News
short_squeeze 0

Ask Alex: What is a Short Squeeze?

This weeks question comes from Christopher Lee: “Can you explain what a short squeeze is?” The quick explanation of a short squeeze: Short squeeze is

January 09, 2014 Alex's Corner, Investing 101, News
BA-AY906A_MLP_P_G_20120602010109 0

MLPs: The Story of a Smart Investment

A master limited partnership (MLP) is a type of limited partnership that is publicly traded. The general partners (GP) of MLPs may have incentive distribution

Facebook Revenues 0

Facebook Earnings Beats Estimates Q3 Report – Here’s How You can Make Money from it

Facebook’s Earnings Beat the Market’s Expectations Again – Here’s How You can Make Money from it Facebook’s earnings has been a hot topic lately and

October 30, 2013 Alex's Corner, Investing 101, News
Portfolio Management 0

Theory Versus Practice: Rethink Portfolio Optimization

Portfolio optimization is a mathematical process of assigning the proportions of various asset classes or investment styles to be held in a portfolio, in a way

Balancing Portfolio: Asset Allocation 0

Balancing Risk and Reward: Asset Allocation

The Importance of Asset Allocation Many portfolio managers believe that asset allocation is one of the most important decisions that investors make: From a portfolio

Wall-Street 0

Where Would You Place Your Trust – Wall Street, Main Street, or University Street?

In my experience in the investment business, I have found three basic choices. You can trust Wall Street (financial media, investment banks, insurance companies, brokerage

October 04, 2013 Finance, Investing, Investing 101, News
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How to Buy a Stock and Knowing when to Sell it

How to Buy a Stock and Knowing when to Sell it Hey guys, it’s been a while since my last blog post about “What is

SprinkleBit investing 0

5 Common Investing Myths

SprinkleBit’s Trivia Tuesday for this week will give you insight to 5 common investing myths. Too often investors risk suffering unnecessary losses or lost opportunities from

What is interest? - It's the cost/reward of borrowing/lending money 0

What is Interest & How Does it Work

What is Interest? It’s been a while since my last post, and I wanted to take a chance to get back to the roots of

June 12, 2013 Alex's Corner, Investing 101
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