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How to Buy a Stock and Knowing when to Sell it

How to Buy a Stock and Knowing when to Sell it Hey guys, it’s been a while since my last blog post about “What is

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Should you Try to Time the Stock Market?

A good trading strategy is more than just how you time the stock market. You’ve done the stock research, you’ve analyzed your personal risk tolerance,

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How You Think Vs. Who You Are: Psychometrics in Small-Business Lending

The other day, I was talking to a friend of mine living in LA. She, like many Angelinos, has an eclectic array of jobs, one

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Blitzed! Why Pro Athletes Go Broke

It’s no secret that many professional athletes earn exorbitant amounts of money for their talents. In fact, their stratospheric salaries capture our imaginations so successfully

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4 Lame Excuses that will Kill your Retirement Savings

There is nothing that kills a retirement faster than having to work for a living during what are supposed to be your Golden Years. Sure,

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Why Richard Simmons Sweats Long-Term Investments

A little bit of Friday Humor to round off your week. We agree that long-term investments aren’t the sexiest kind of trading strategy out there,

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Market Bubbles: Are You The Greater Fool?

This is the first blog of the Share the Wealth series, which will discuss various investment theories and principles. The goal of this series is

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The Psychology Of Long Term Investing

Officially, a long-term investment is one that you will hold for more than one year. But a genuine long-term investment is usually held for much

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