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5 Famous CEO Mansions

Ever wonder where the CEOs of your favorite companies live? In this week’s Trivia Tuesday, we’ll be showing you the homes of the CEOs of

March 11, 2014 Housing, News, Trivia Tuesday
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Where to Invest when Interest Rates Could Rise Anytime

Where to Invest When Volatile Asset Bubbles Are Everywhere Optimistic prognosticators are claiming the worst recession in a century is finally beginning to show signs

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Stay Warm and Save Money On Home Heating Bills

Few things conjure up the image of holiday festivities better than snow. For many of us, a few flurries may have covered your area with a

February 13, 2013 Housing, Personal Budgeting, Seasonality
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How Loan-to-Value Affects Risk in Mortgage Lending

At SprinkleBit, we feel that you should be educated not just in investing for retirement, but all the other ways in which you can allocate

January 11, 2013 Finance, Housing
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Is it Time to Invest in Housing?

As I explained in my blog two weeks ago, the market responded positively to a third round of quantitative easing“The Bank can create new money

October 09, 2012 Housing, Investing, News
How To Use The News To Decide What To Invest In | @SprinkleBit Investing Blog 0

How To Use The News To Decide What To Invest In

(Photo Credit: Security Monks) Have you ever seen a major news story and wondered how you could profit from it? Well, if you time it

June 25, 2012 Employment, Housing, Investing 101
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