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Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Ashton Kutcher Want To Replicate Your Brain

Some of Silicon Valley’s best and brightest brains have invested their money in an artificial intelligence startup named Vicarious. Among these brains include Facebook founders

March 24, 2014 News, Start-ups, Technology, Videos
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How To Cut Your Car Costs

Save Money on Your Car. Welcome to another Financial Tip Friday! Today we will be discussing how to manage one of the more costly and

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Show Me The Money: Welcome to March Madness

THIS IS MADNESS!! Here we are ladies and gentlemen, as the weather starts to shift from the cold winter to the warm springtime, so to

March 20, 2014 Entertainment, Finance, News, Trending
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Is The Timing Right for Market Vectors Gaming ETF?

If you have an investment portfolio, you may know or at least have heard of the idea of hedging. If you’re keen on keeping your

March 19, 2014 Finance, Portfolio Management
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Seattle Vs. Uber & Lyft

It seems like government intervention is a recurring trend this year. Last week, the state governments of New Jersey, Texas, Arizona, and Ohio declared war

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3 Financial Facts About Your St. Patrick’s Day Hangover

Good morning, Sprinklers! I hope you all had a blast last night celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. If you’re now feeling the repercussions of one too

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An Event-Driven Strategy: Merger Arbitrage

Event-driven strategy seeks to invest in opportunities associated with corporate transactions such as consolidations, acquisitions, recapitalization, bankruptcies, and liquidations. Merger arbitrage event-driven managers employ strategies

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Xbox One catches up to the Playstation 4: Will Titanfall help Microsoft Surpass Sony?

Back on Even Footing? So the research firm The NPD Group reported today that the PS4 was the best selling console last month. Wait why 0

Popcorn Time: A New App That Makes Movie Piracy Easy

Its Popcorn Time! Everyone knows a friend or may have personally downloaded pirated movies or TV shows from the internet. Unlike Netflix or Hulu or

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Amazon Prime Membership Will Now Cost $99 A Year

Thanks Amazon… A week from today, Amazon Prime membership will be increased from $79 per year to $99 annually. All you Amazon Prime users, if

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Should I Invest in a Regular or Roth IRA?

Saving for retirement is something many Americans are not doing, and this decision will inevitably haunt them in their later years. For those who are

March 13, 2014 Investing
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King Digital: A $7.6 Billion Company?

Yes, that’s right. King Digital Entertainment PLC, the famed producers of the ridiculously popular Candy Crush game are seeking to raise $500 million  to $533 million with

March 12, 2014 IPOs
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The War Against Tesla

After several weeks of booming success for Tesla ($TSLA), the electric car company is facing opposition from large automobile dealers and state legislators due to

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