Trivia Tuesday: 3 Facts About Janet Yellen

This week’s Trivia Tuesday will be dedicated to Janet Yellen, the newly appointed Chairman of the Federal Reserve Banks. I’m sure you’ve heard all about

February 11, 2014 News, Politics, Trivia Tuesday
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Crowdfunding: A Powerful Model of Fundraising

Crowdfunding is an internet-based fundraising model, where individuals network and pool their money to support a certain project or venture. A crowdfunding activity is composed

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Flappy Bird: Game Over

If you were the creator of the most downloaded app of the Apple app store and received $50,000 daily from just advertising alone, what would

February 10, 2014 News, Trending, Videos

The Problem with Sochi Pt II

Construction Fails Combine Putin’s grand vision of revitalizing and showcasing a new Russia through the Sochi Olympics and the terrible geography of Sochi itself, and

February 08, 2014 News
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Market Pulse Monday: February 10th-14th

Here’s a quick run down on the top earnings calls for this week. For a complete list of earnings calls, click here. As always, be

February 07, 2014 Market Pulse Monday, News
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Financial Tip Friday: 5 Investment Rules Every Beginner Needs to Follow

There’s no denying that investing in stocks, bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds is a risk, especially when you’re just getting started and have limited knowledge

February 07, 2014 Financial Tip Friday, News
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Bitcoin Takes A Tumble With Mt.Gox

Once the king of all Bitcoin exchanges, Mt. Gox has taken a serious tumble this morning after it was forced to cease all withdrawals. Mt.

February 07, 2014 News
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The Problem with Sochi

#Sochi Problems For those of you who have been living under a rock, I should inform you that the 2014 Winter Olympics have started in

February 06, 2014 Entertainment, News, Politics, Trending
Knowing When to Sell a Stock – The Example of Western Digital (WDC) 0

Knowing When to Sell a Stock

Having read my previous posts you’ve probably figured out that I’m a long-term value investor. However, sometimes you have to know when to sell even

February 05, 2014 Alex's Corner, Investing 101, News
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Happy 10th Anniversary, Facebook!

In February of 2004, Mark Zuckerberg started, a social network for college students, in his Harvard dorm room. At the time, TheFacebook was entering

February 05, 2014 News
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Trivia Tuesday: Sochi 2014 Olympics

With the opening ceremony just around the corner, this week’s Trivia Tuesday will be dedicated to the 2014 Winter Olympics. If you’re interested in learning

February 03, 2014 News, Trivia Tuesday
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Top Five Super Bowl Ads

Last night’s Super Bowl XLVIII was a disappointing game, with the Seattle Seahawks dominating the Denver Broncos 43-8. After 4 quarters of consistent fumbles and

February 03, 2014 News
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Alternative Investments of 2013: Bitcoin, Yu’ebao, Tourmaline

Innovation almost always comes first with  alternative investments, even if a type of alternative asset class may sound bizarre to conventional investors. Looking back at

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