10 Biggest Things Apple Announced at WWDC 2019

Retired iTunes, Redesigned Mac Pro, Relocated App Store, and other “Re” things you might have missed during Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.

  1. Goodbye, iTunesitunes apple music
    After 18 years of service an iconic music platform is shutting down. It will be replaced with 3 different apps: Music, Podcasts, and TV. However, all users’ media will remain safe and available. It’s just about more streamlined experiences.
  2. Cheese grater on the wheels
    new mac pro
    If you consider $5,999 for a new Mac Pro to be quite a high price don’t jump to conclusions. How about more memory, more cooling power, and more USB ports? And don’t underestimate the wheels! Yes, now you can yank your stylish Mac-brand tower around your office table elegantly and smoothly. Apple’s computer will be available in the fall.
  3. App Store for Apple Watch
    apple watch store
    No need to install apps on your Apple Watch via iPhone. From now on the wearable has its own distinct, a small version of the App Store.
  4. Hello, Catalina!

    The next version of macOS (10.15) will be called Catalina. Users will be able to completely control “her” with Voice Control. The new release of the operating system also allows using an iPad as a secondary display with the “Sidecar” feature.
  5. Just iPadOS

    iPad is getting its own operating system. It will allow users to work with multiple files and documents from the same app with a new Split View, and to switch between multiple apps in Slide Over. For example, Apple said, users can write an email while viewing another one side-by-side.
  6. Find everything and everyone

    There’s a new device-finding app in town: ‘Find My’ combines both of the old ‘Find My iPhone’ and ‘Find My Friends’ apps into one. But it doesn’t just find your devices that happen to be switched on – ‘Find My’ can locate devices, including MacBooks and other machines, that are unpowered.
    How? By pinballing around other Apple devices’ Bluetooth beacons until it finds your device. Securely, of course.
  7. 100K radio stations on your HomePod

    There is also a few cool updates coming to HomePod, like Hand-off.
    But what’s even more awesome? Check out over 100,000 radio stations coming to the smart speaker via iHeart Radio, TuneIn and!
    And pretend you can’t just ask the speaker for the exact track you like and let destiny guide your tunes.
  8. Sign-in with Apple

    ‘Sign in with Apple’ is a new feature in iOS 13 that lets Apple slide in to authenticate when sites or services ask to ‘Sign in with Google or Facebook.’
    Basically, it prevents you from submitting personal details like email and creates individual hashed sub-email accounts that forward to your main account, which you can cancel at your leisure.
  9. Maps. So close to Google now

    The company rolled out a new Apple Maps feature that is similar to Google Streetview. Apple’s been collecting the street view data for a few years in cars, just as Google did, to create a competing photo-based map.
  10. Leave it to the machines

    Apple used machine learning to head off questions you haven’t asked yet.
    What were the lyrics to that song? ML will parse the audio and show you (thanks, Shazam).
    Which podcast did I hear that phrase in? ML in the Podcasts app will search through the podcasts to find it.
    Too many photos to sift through? Pop in the Photos tab of the app and ML will arrange your photos in a tasteful tableau by day, month, or year – showing only representative photos.
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