3 Undervalued Stocks You Can Buy Right Now

According to SprinkleBit Analyzer, there are currently three undervalued stocks which could be interesting for investors to take a look at.

  1. Sony Corp.: $SNE

Sony’s PlayStation 4 business still can recover in value. Even though the console’s life cycle appears to have entered its final stages, customers continue to buy new game titles. In the smartphone space, Sony remains a top supply-chain player, with its semiconductor division generating most of its revenue by supplying camera sensors to other manufacturers. Sony expects that the current trend towards adding more and more lenses to smartphones will help raise the demand. Besides, there’s also a chance that the release of the new Xperia XZ4 in the second half of this year may give customers a reason to buy a new Sony smartphone again.

sony image

As of 1st of July SNE is trading at $53.235 which is 1.55% lower than its fair value

       2. Celestics Inc.: $CLS

Celestica has been struggling recently. The company has cut operational costs to align the business with lower revenue. In the nearest future, it will continue to build its capital equipment business. The company’s management believes the fundamentals in this space will only improve in the long run. As next-generation adoption in display continues, its OLED business, for example, is expected to add to Celestica’s bottom line.

celestica image

As of 1st of July CLS is trading at $7.03 which is 3.08% lower than its fair value.

     3. Vodafone Group: $VOD

If Vodafone grows its U.K. business as it signs on users to its 5G services and cuts costs as it signs on more customers, the company’s stock will finally move higher.

vodafone image

As of 1st of July VOD is trading at 15.95 which is 2.14% lower than its fair value.

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