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4 Must-Have Gadgets for the Beginning Investor

Technology has made investing in the stock market – if nothing else – a lot cooler. Whether as a gift for the investor in your family or a gift for yourself, there are a range of gadgets and gizmos that make investing faster, smarter and easier. When you’re just starting out, you need every advantage available to give you the edge over the big dogs on Wall Street. Consider these technological wonders when looking at stock-trading gizmos.

The stock market is complicated – but technology can make investing easier.

HP 12C Financial Calculator

Old-school yet efficient, a modern financial calculator is a must for anyone involved in stock investing. When it comes to financial calculators, the HP 12C might be the best of the bunch. The built-in financial functions include statistics and cash-flow analysis. The 10-character, one-line display is clear and simple.

GOgroove BlueVIBE Wireless Headset

Ergonomic and versatile, the GOgroove BlueVIBE F1T Wireless Headset is a Bluetooth that is designed for stock investing on the go. Never miss a call from your broker, a tip from a fellow investor or an update from your stock investing software.

The Ambient Stock Orb
While you’re busy learning the stock market basics, the wheels of the market keep on turning. More than a novelty, the Ambient Stock Orb changes color as it tracks the market in real time. No matter what you’re doing or where you’re doing it, the Orb indicates whether it’s time to run over to your computer and make a trade, buy some stocks or get rid of a failing security.

The Bloomberg Terminal

The grandaddy of all investment gadgets, beginning investors might want to learn the stock market basics before plunking down $20,000 for the Bloomberg Terminal. But if you have the means, the Terminal is the ultimate desktop portal to the market. The Terminal gives real-time access to even the most minute changes in every aspect of the stock market. The only way to get closer to the trading floor is to go there yourself.

Gadgets can turn even beginning investors into savvy stock market players.

For stock traders, the world is filled with technological wonders that were not even imaginable just a few years ago. The last few years have seen a surge in extraordinary gadgets designed to make investing easier and more efficient. The best thing a new investor can do is learn the stock market basics, but after that, delve into the world of gadgets that were designed to give an edge to even the smallest investor.

Do you have any of these gadgets? Let us know here!

Andrew Lisa is a freelance technology writer. He reviews financial and technology products.

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