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4 Facts You Did Not Know About Apple

It's Tuesday! Inevitably, this means its time for a Trivia Tuesday! Since Apple's ($AAPL) stock has been rising dramatically since last week's earnings call and we've only done a Trivia Tuesday on Steve Jobs, we figured you might be interested in a few fascinating facts about this illustrious company. Without further ado, here are 4 facts about Apple:

#1: Apple's revenue in the first three month of 2014 was more than Google, Facebook, and Amazon combined.

The company's revenue over this period was a cool $45.6 billionIn comparison, Facebook's was .5 billion, Amazon's was .7 billion and Google's was .4 billion. Wow.
Courtesy of Business Insider

Courtesy of Business Insider

#2 There were 22 inauthentic Apple Stores in China who had even their employees fooled.

In 2011, U.S blogger BirdAbroad visited an Apple store in South-West China and thought nothing of it. That is, until she noticed little things that seemed off.
Courtesy of BirdAbroad

Courtesy of BirdAbroad

Courtesy of BirdAbroad

Courtesy of BirdAbroad

Although convincing, it should be noted that Apple never calls its stores this way. This in addition to the fact that employees wore name tags with their names simply replaced as "Staff" with the Apple logo as well as poorly painted walls all gave it away. Since, the company has indeed confirmed that these stores were inauthentic.

#3 Apple's original logo is a bit different than what you've become used too.

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Courtesy of Wikipedia

This one was designed by co-founder Ronald Wayne and depicts Isaac Newtown under the apple tree. Since then, the company has used quite a few logos, finally arriving to their current one.

The Current Apple Logo (Courtesy of Apple Inc)

Ronald Wayne is often considered the forgotten founder of the company, this is largely because he sold his shares to Jobs and Wozniak for $800 in 1977. The 10% that he sold back then would be worth around $35 billion today. Woops.

#4 Apple once had more cash in the bank than the US Treasury had to spend.

In 2011, Apple had cash reserves of billion while Washington D.C. had an operating balance of billion. Granted, Apple's figure refers to its reserve of cash and the government's value was the amount they had to spend before reaching a debt ceiling. Still a pretty incredible feat. Overall, these numbers paint a picture of a colossal company that figures to remain a key figure in the tech world for years to come. To get a better idea of just how massive it is, take a look at these comparative numbers on BusinessInsider Did you learn something new? If so, be sure to check out 3 Things You Didn't Know About Twitter  
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