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About SprinkleBit Investing Platform {INFOGRAPHIC}

For the visual learners out there (or those who just like infographics or investing), here’s a visual interpretation of what we’re all about here at SprinkleBit. Pass it on to your friends!


SprinkleBit is based on a simple idea:

Make the markets easier to understand and more accessible for retail investors.

Studies show relatively low stock market participation [among retail investors] due to:

  • lack of information
  • transaction costs
  • and limited access [to early opportunities, market information, etc.]

2 in 5 Americans would give themselves a C, D, or F for their understanding of finance.

And studies reviewed by the Library of Congress indicate that U.S. retail investors lack basic financial literacy.

Another report shows college students have inadequate knowledge of investing. The problem spreads across a broad spectrum of college students of both genders, various academic disciplines, and experience groups.

Retail investors account for less than 2% of trading volume on the NYSE. The US securities markets are dominated by institutional investors. Those are the big guys, like banks and private equity firms.

Our Solution

So back to our goal: make the markets more accessible and easier to understand for the retail investor (that’s the Average Joe, lower and middle class).

We’re doing this by incorporating crowdsourcing and the best of social networking into the investment experience to empower the next generation of investors.

Some eye-opening statistics about how investors learn about investing strategies:

53% of investors feel social media helps them be more knowledgeable about investing

60% of retail investors turn to friends, family, and peers for financial advice.

33% use social media as a primary means of gaining their financial info.

That’s where SprinkleBit comes in.

We have created the SprinkleBit stock market simulator and social networking platform, and added in the SprinkleBit Voting Power Index (VPI).

VPI is an index generated by the members of SprinkleBit! It organically shows their confidence in a stocks performance, based on a number of metrics, like how many people are holding the stock, and other ranking factors.

If the VPI is positive, it shows that the SprinkleBit community believes that the stock will appreciate in value. Conversely, if the VPI is negative, the community believes it will depreciate in value.

We’re so excited to bring you SprinkleBit, because we have created the first authentic social investing platform for the next generation of investors to connect with other investors, invest in their financial future, and prosper together.

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At SprinkleBit, founded in 2011, we believe that if you have a dollar, then you have what it takes to be an investor. Sometimes you just need a little extra help to build your confidence. With our virtual simulator and our 24 free SprinkleBit University chapters, you will be able to learn the ins and outs of the market risk-free. Once you're ready to dive into the real thing, the community will be right there with you to help you on your journey. Dive in and start taking control of your financial future. You won't regret it.

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