Clueless Investor Part 2: Learning with Monopoly Money

Alright, kiddos, time for a little SprinkleBit education.  I’ve dimmed the lights, poured a glass of wine, and put on some Katy Perry.  Let’s do this…

So, I have completed the education portion in SprinkleBit University and learned quite a bit.

Mostly that it’s a good thing I haven’t invested yet.

However, due to Sprinklebit’s generous supply of “monopoly money” I can knock myself out!

I am actively attempting to utilize what I’ve learned so far in the virtual real world.

It’s been rough as I’m mostly on my own.  I tried to get my grandpa to follow me but his only comment after reading my first blog was, “I didn’t realize you had such a big forehead!”

Needless to say, I cut him out.

Me and my fantasy money are making big bucks solo.

I’m going to need some serious advice from you guys so I don’t blow all my virtual dollars in one place.

One interesting change that has happened since I became interested in SprinkleBit is that now I question investing in everything I read.

Even InTouch magazine (unfortunately my pedicurist wasn’t the best sound bite).

First attempt at applying SprinkleBit knowledge into a real-life situation: after taking the quiz I learned how long one should keep a stock.  If you’re trying to make a fast buck (aren’t we all? I mean, whatever happened to winning a free coke just by looking under the bottle cap?!), then you might invest in a stock expected to make a profit quickly.

Once it has, you sell.  Am I right so far?

Ok, so I started thinking about the upcoming election.  Previously I had no idea that an election could affect the markets at all.  After this education hullaballoo I put my brain to work.  This is what it’s been working on:

I’m posing this as a series of questions so please help me out here.

Let’s go out on a limb and say Romney wins.

We’ve been progressively advancing towards a more “green” way to live.

So does this mean that coal right costs less than it used to (I’m lazy and don’t understand the Internet so I haven’t researched it)?

However, Romney likes coal.

So as a short-term investment would I want to invest in fossil fuels?

And he also will let the bank once again go buck-wild (quite literally) so would it be smart to invest in the banking system? And where would I go about investing in that?

Then, when everyone else catches onto my brilliant investment strategies and the stocks are high (or my profit goal is reached), would I want to sell or go long-term?

Also, everyone is freaking out about high taxes and the value of the dollar so many people have been investing in gold (at least according to those annoying “buy gold” infomercials that take place around the same time as the “commemorative silver dollar” ones I repeatedly wake up to in the middle of the night.).

If Romney wins will a large amount of heavy investors (I’m referring to mostly wealthy people I think) relax on their worries, lowering the demand and therefore price of gold?

So would I want to long-term invest in that because gold always comes back around and might one day be swapped for my inevitable diamonds?

The two people I asked about gold are very professional and experienced investors and said no.

But I’m a newbie and therefore not embarrassed about posing the question on my blog no matter how stupid of a question it may be.  Noob=Trump Card.   And supposedly I won’t be a newbie for long so I’m going to ride this wave for as long as I can.

However, I will not be investing in the Mormon Church mainly because of their lack of windows.

How am I doing so far?  Hot or cold?  Lukewarm at least?  Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Until next time, Sprinklers!




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hey clueless i just joined sprinklebit because i love the tone of your chatty investment musings. i can relate… i.e., MONEY doesn’t have to be so seeerrrrious, does it?! can’t we all just have fun, get along while making money… you make me feel it’s possible.



Hey kwanmoney! Indeed, indeed. Money and investing IS intimidating. It’s like the elephant in the room. Everyone knows it’s there but hates talking or even thinking about it. That’s why I’m writing these blogs, so I can get over that fear/lack of understanding myself. So far, so good! (I hope?!) Being able to ask questions and watch what others are doing on SprinkleBit has helped a lot, to be sure. If you haven’t friend requested me yet, feel free to do so!

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