Flappy Bird: Game Over

If you were the creator of the most downloaded app of the Apple app store and received $50,000 daily from just advertising alone, what would you do? I most definitely would not have cut off the steady flow of revenue by pulling my app from the store, but that’s exactly what Dong Nguyen, creator of the popular Flappy Bird game, did:

If you didn’t get a chance to download and try out the game before it was removed, here’s a hilarious video that explains the concept and demonstrates the resulting frustration pretty well:

Before it was completely wiped out from all app stores, Flappy Bird had been downloaded 50 million times and had accumulated over 47,000 reviews. So why did Nguyen tweet “I can’t take this anymore” and promptly delete the month-long top ranking app? Well, it seems like Nguyen’s been discouraged by Flappy Bird’s growing negative publicity.

According to International Business Times, a 17 year old boy from Chicago killed his brother out of jealousy and frustration at his Flappy Bird score. A blogger also accused Nguyen of using bots to boost his app’s ranking in the app store. By analyzing Flappy Bird’s rank history and reviews, blogger Carter Thomas has arrived at the following conclusion:

I’ve seen a lot of shady stuff in the app store and this is textbook. For any of you that don’t understand how this works, essentially people will create cloak IP addresses and automate hundreds of thousands of Apple ID accounts on virtual devices that download an app millions of times.

Nguyen may have disliked all the negative attention Flappy Bird was giving him, but little did he know that deleting the app would create an even larger uproar. Nguyen has been receiving many death and suicide threats after he pulled through with his announcement on Twitter:

Photo from Business Insider

On a less violent note, smart phones with Flappy Bird pre-installed have been listed on eBay for outrageous prices:

Looks like there are no bidders so far. Perhaps fans will be more interested in this free rendition of Flappy Bird, named Flappy Doge after the popular meme:

Photo courtesy of BuzzFeed

And of course the game over screen

What do you think of Dong Nguyen’s decision to take down his game? Do you think he’ll eventually bring it back, or will fans have to find a new source of entertainment? Let us know in the comments below! If you enjoyed this post, check out this post about another top ranking app: Snapchat. And as always, be sure to check out Sprinklebit for more updates and investment tips!

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