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Health Insurance: Where is Your Money Going and What Can You Do? {Infographic}

With the cost of health insurance consistently rising, the flexibility of an individual’s budget becomes more constrained. As technology progresses in the medical field along with more developed practices the pressure is on the hospitals to provide the latest technology, which leads to price of cost to escalate and indirectly digs in to your pocket. Patients’ wallets are going to get pinched with higher deductibles, higher co-payment amounts and an overall increase in premiums. According to, from 2005 to 2012 the average deductible for an individual increased 79% to $3,079 from $1,721. For families, the average deductible jumped 78% during the same time period.

Although such things are out of our hands, there are several ways to help lighten the burden on your wallet.

Take Advantage of Primary Care

Did you know that only thirty-eight percent of the U.S. population has a primary care physician? A primary care physician can refer you to specialists for certain medical needs. As your primary physician gets to know you better he can grow more familiar with your personal medical necessities, which may even prevent you from taking excess, costly visits to specialists that you don’t need.

Manage Your Deductible

Experts recommend people with a high deductible insurance plan strive to schedule their treatments in the same year, if possible, so they don’t have to get hit with the deducible the next year when they need to get something done.

Ask Questions as If You Were Shopping for a Car

When we get diagnosed with something or find out we need a specific treatment, most of us accept what the doctor says—and that can be costly

Keep Healthy

America has always been infamous for being an unhealthy nation. Whether it’s obesity or cancer, America is always at the top of the international list. Simple changes to diet and daily routine can lead to a healthier life and less need for medical attention. You know what they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

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Infograph of Why Your Insurance is So High

Infographic provided by Carrington

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