Meet the Team: Andrew Konovalskyi

Sprinkle Group has made a lot of progress as of late. SprinkleBit is constantly evolving, our own trading platform SprinkleBrokerage has been launched and soon we’ll add our own global assets exchange SprinkleXchange to our product range. Further, into 2019 we’ll launch our own robo-advisor as well. Behind all of this progress is a team full of energy, determination, and skill.

We caught up with our iOS Developer – Andrew Konovalskyi – to talk about life at Sprinkle Group and beyond. Konovalskyi develops the app and takes care that everything works proper way.

What is your role at Sprinkle Group?

I am an iOS Developer in Sprinkle Team. I am responsible for developing applications for mobile devices powered by Apple’s iOS operating system. I have been working as a developer per three years. I’ve been running my own business for six years previously, so I have good experience in understanding what the client’s needs are.


Could you tell us about your hobbies?

Sure! I have lots of them. During the summer I often use a bicycle to get somewhere. And of, course, I love going to the gym. In addition, I also like some winter kinds of sport.


Do you have a list of goals and wishes for coming 2019?

Well, I am not that kind of person who is making a list of wishes and plans during New Year party. Of course, like everyone else, I’ll try to improve my personal and professional skills, but I don’t need a New Year for this – I’m using every day of my life to become better.


Andrew Konovalskyi works at our office in Dnipro, Ukraine.
Sprinkle Group has offices in New York, Stockholm, Dnipro, and Shenzhen.

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