Meet the Team: Dimitry Kalantay


Sprinkle Group has made a lot of progress as of late. SprinkleBit is constantly evolving, our own trading platform SprinkleBrokerage has been launched and soon we’ll add our own global assets exchange SprinkleXchange to our product range. Further, into 2019 we’ll launch our own robo-advisor as well. Behind all of this progress is a team full of energy, determination, and skill.

We caught up with our Motion Designer Dimitry Kalantay to talk about life at Sprinkle Group and beyond. Dimitry makes animations and, what’s even more important, helps our users to understand our product creating educational videos for.


Can you tell us a bit about your professional background?  

I am a motion designer, and really enjoying it. Since 2004 I have been involved in marketing well-known US and European brands. I participated and organized world-class events in Italy, France, Finland, Spain.

What is your role at Sprinkle Group?
I realized that a lot of products needs something, that can help users to understand them better. I see that technology is improving every day and users need the information to be easy to reach and understand. According to my experience, the best way to educate a user effectively is an explanatory video. That how I do in SprinkleBit. I have already been working here more than a year.

Do you have any hobbies?
Well, I believe that the most important thing is to continue developing my personal and professional skills. There is an increasing amount of information every day, thus you need to find new ways to catch the user’s eye. That’s why I keep learning every day in my life.

I also enjoy a lot of different kinds of sports, such as, alpine skiing, cycling, swimming, and walking. Of course, I like traveling and that’s where I am getting inspiration.

What’s your goal in 2019?
I am planning to tell about our work and company and educate through video clips as many people as possible.


Dimitry works at our office in Dnipro, Ukraine.
Sprinkle Group has offices in New York, Stockholm, Dnipro, and Shenzhen.

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