Operation Fiverr: A Tale of The Sharing Economy

By now, we've all heard the term sharing economy with companies like AirBnB, GoFundMe and Uber reaching huge levels of popularity. Broadly speaking, the sharing economy centers around the sharing of resources whether that be physical (such as your house), financial (such as your money) or knowledge-based (such as sharing ideas on social media). Essentially, this new type of economy is all around us as ideas and services proliferate in never before seen ways.

That being said, the team here at SprinkleBit had a stroke of inspiration to test out the quality and efficiency of the sharing economy.  How you ask? Well, we taken to a site called Fiverr to help spread the good SprinkleBit word, and we decided to blog about it to give our readers an inside look on how this all works.

The Concept

Essentially, Fiverr is a site where people exchange various services for the simple price of 5$. These campaigns and services range in categories from Graphics and Design, Online Marketing, Writing and Translation, Video and Animation, Music and Audio, Programming and Tech, Advertising, Business, and more. The services you can buy for $5 is impressive indeed.

The SprinkleBit Take

Our interest was piqued, and we wanted to take Fiverr for a spin in order to spread the good word of SprinkleBit and see what kind of traction we could create with a minuscule budget. We found a total of 10 tasks that we wanted to experiment with and began contacting them this week with some ideas and proposals. We will keep you updated on the success and nature of these tasks and we hope to create an awesome conversation about the sharing economy.

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