Welcome to Crowdsourced Investing

Investing shouldn’t be hard and it shouldn’t be scary. It should be fun and fruitful. SprinkleBit, which means “to spread information”, looks to help you make better investment decisions in an easier and more fun way, regardless of how much money you have. You can learn how to trade, follow top investors, and invest for the future – all from one, intuitive social investing platform – so you never need to trade alone again.

Our Story

As many other success stories, this one started as an idea in a Harvard dorm room. Alex, who has been trading since he was 14, wanted to do some investing with his friends but there were no good place for it. At the same time he read a book about the wisdom of the crowd, what if we all can make better investment decisions together?

When returning back to University of California San Diego, he had his research thesis left and what better thesis to test than the question if crowdsourced investment decisions were better than the best investor in the room?

The results were remarkable, the crowdsourced portfolio beat the market by 40% and showed better returns 18 out of 20 quarters. Now a few years later thousands of experienced investors and beginners come together and share investment ideas and trade together to receive above normal returns. The beautiful thing with SprinkleBit is that the more people we are the better we do, so come along and join our journey towards financial freedom.


Founded in 2011, SprinkleBit is a global investing community for people to discuss, learn, and trade
through mobile and online. Investing has never been easier with the help of crowdsourced information and analysis software, along with gamified education for both novice and experienced investors.

  • Our team consists of  15 of brilliant women and men who has made it their mission to simplify investing for everyone
  • Our head office is located in San Diego, California
  • We received the San Diego Business Journal’s Innovation award.
  • Our community is growing by +100% per year.
  • Our community stretches over 139 countries