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We are featured in today’s issue of the San Diego Business Journal under the ‘Innovation’ section which focuses on “innovative organizations, concepts, products, and people.” The article includes a great interview with our CEO, Alexander Wallin, and others including the president of our brokerage, Stephen Oliveira, former Founder and President of Zecco Trading, Inc.

A big ‘Thank You’ to Mike Allen for taking the time to write the article and get to know us in the process. It’s always a pleasure to get some hometown love from your city’s most respected business journal. We’re also humbled to stand side by side with the other great startups making their mark here in San Diego. Tech innovation is happening outside of Silicon Valley and it’s a privilege to demonstrate alongside many others that no matter what city you’re in you can make your ideas happen.

If you’re someone with a big idea looking for a place to get started, check out EvoNexus. EvoNexus is a local incubator focused on high tech companies with an impressive track record – and it’s free.

You can read our SDBJ feature below (might want to make the article full screen for best viewing resolution).

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Kathryn Wells

Thanks Austin! We’re pretty darn excited about our awesome, growing community!

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