Top 5: CEO Mansions

Elon Musk
CEO of Tesla & SpaceX

One of Musk’s properties in Bel Air

Real life Tony Stark and serial entrepreneur Elon Musk has dreams of colonizing Mars, but it seems like he’s starting with earth. Over the last couple of years, Musk has been buying up all the houses on a posh Bel Air pocket. He’s bought a total of 5 homes, all in close proximity to each other, for a staggering $70.3 million.

All 5 properties. Will Musk own the whole area soon?


Bill Gates
CEO of Microsoft

No introduction needed here. He topped the list over the richest people in the world for a decade. His most famous mansion? It’s called Xanadu 2.0 and is situated in Medina, Washington. It si worth about $120 million. Fitting for a billionaire, wouldn’t you say? The property boasts 7 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms. Gates likes his toilets, we presume.

Xanadu 2.0, Gate’s $120 million estate

Jack Dorsey
CEO of Twitter & Square

Dorsey is quite the man. Apart from having a model wife, and running two hugely successful companies, he can pat himself on the back on being the owner of a really impressive property overlooking the Golden Gate bridge in San Fransisco. Worth $10 million, the 2 bedroom cliff-side home is really something.


Larry Ellison
CEO of Oracle

Ellison has mutliple mansions spread across the globe, like most CEOs on this list. If you’re the 8th richest man on the planet, why not right? He’s got 24 multi-million properties in Malibu alone. His most impressive one has to be his 249-acre golf course estate in Rancho Mirage (CA) valued at $70 million. The property features a 18,400 square-foot main residence, a golf course, club house, eight guest houses, a pool, gym, spa and an amphitheater.


Sergey Brin
Co-Founder of Google

One of the guys behind Google, surely his home must be insane? That’s right. It’s insane. Brin and Larry Page created Google from their Stanford dorm room, and grew it to one of the most valuable companies in the world. This sprawling $49 million, 30,000-square-foot estate is situated in Alpine, NJ.

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