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Trivia Tuesday: 3 Facts about Coca Cola

Since Coca Cola held their earnings call earlier this morning, I figured this would be a good opportunity to learn a little bit more about the legendary soft drink company and maybe uncover some lesser known facts about them. As such, here are three facts about Coca Cola that you didn't know.  

Fact #1:

Coca Cola was the first corporate sponsor of the Olympic Games, signing on in 1928 at the Games held in Amsterdam. They have remained corporate sponsors ever since and have paved the way for other companies to sponsor the Games. Additionally, they have been the corporate sponsor of any FIFA organized events, such as the Soccer World Cup, since 1978. On top of that, Coca Cola has developed relationships with the MLB, the NFL, the NBA and the NHL and individual teams in these leagues. All in all, Coca Cola has a long history of sports sponsorships. According to company, their reasoning behind their Olympic sponsorship in particular is interesting:
We are a business and our role as official soft drinks provider enables us to showcase the range of drinks we offer and sell these at the Olympic and Paralympic Games. However, this is just one of the reasons we sponsor the Games. Our sponsorship is rooted in celebration and participation, which allows us to build deeper relationships with the people who enjoy our products. Though our sponsorship of London 2012 we gave people the once in a lifetime opportunity to carry the Olympic Flame, and our VIP ticket promotions have given thousands more the chance to share in the magic of the Games.
This sheds some light on the company's overall marketing strategy and personality, which is deeply rooted in connecting with their customers on a personal level. In fact, Coca Cola spends more money on advertising ($2.9 billion in 2010) than Apple and Microsoft combined ($691 million and $1.6 billion in 2010 respectively).  

Fact #2:

Coca Cola has a product portfolio of over 3,500 beverages represented by 500 different brands sold in over 200 countries. They make anything from energy drinks to soy-based drinks. Amazingly, if you tried to drink one Coca Cola owned drink a day, it would take you 9 years to try all of them. That kind of diversity in the beverage industry is remarkable and allows Coca Cola to sell you products you didn't even know were owned by them. In fact, out of the 55 billion drinks consumed each day in the world other than water, 1.7 billion of them are Coca-Cola products.
Here are some examples of the Coca Cola brands.

Here are some examples of the Coca Cola brands.


Fact #3:

Coca Cola uses 300,00 tons of aluminum for its cans every year just in the US. This is the equivalent of %17.4 of the entire production of the US aluminum industry. However, it is its refrigeration and energy efficiency that present its most significant impact on the environment. However, the company has been researching ways to reduce its negative impact on the environment since 1969, showing a credible commitment to reducing its carbon footprint in the most cost efficient manners. There you have it! If you liked this week's Trivia Tuesday, check out last week's and be sure to join the discussion here.  
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