[VIDEO] Porsche and Volkswagen: What Happened?

How Porsche Made Billions

If you're wondering just what the hell happened between Porsche and VW and why something that started in 2005 is seeing such a recent resurgence amongst internet denizens, this short BBC documentary has resurfaced and explains the whole ordeal. The story is fascinating. It includes big money, cut-throat business tactics, financial cunning, and suicide. Some are even calling it "one of the most masterful hacks of the financial system in history." Here's a pretty good timeline of the events if you want a quick glance. The video includes more detail. Brilliant or Scumbag Porsche? You decide. [vimeo id="18732673" width="600" height="350"] UPDATE: Here's another post that might interest you: How Porsche hacked the financial system and made a killing
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