What is VPI? Value Prediction Index Explained

Have you ever wondered “Who is the best investor I know?”
Or have you ever thought “What stock should I buy or sell and when?”
If you have, you’re not alone. Millions of investors wrestle with this decision daily!

This is why we developed an algorithm to help our investors with these very real daily questions. In fact, “VPI” is the foundation upon which SprinkleBit was built: using a combination of the power of the crowd and technology.


Q: What is “VPI” (Value Prediction Index)?

A: It’s a guide to help investors reliably rank both their fellow investors and expected stock movements on the market.

With SprinkleBit’s unique VPI, now you can make better investment decisions!

Value Prediction Index

The Value Prediction Index (VPI) is split into a UserVPI and a StockVPI:

  • the UserVPI shows how good you are at predicting the future value of a stock;
  • the StockVPI shows how convinced the community is that the stock will gain in price.

Here is an infographic explaining the details of VPI: (click to enlarge)


Check it out for yourself!

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